lunedì 21 aprile 2014

Latest outfits

Visto che è da un po' che non faccio un post del genere ho deciso di approfittare delle feste (=noia) di Pasqua per aggiornare il blog.
Ogni volta mi prometto di essere più costante e sto pensando anche di cambiare un po' l'atmosfera del blog parlando di vari argomenti, oltre che di moda, ma la pigrizia si impossessa di me e non ci riesco (;´Д`)

Tornando alle cose serie, ecco i mie outfit preferiti che ho indossato negli ultimi mesi~

coordinati per l'Harajuku Fashion Walk Pescara

☆ Rokku/Gosshikku gyaru ☆

 sto vestendo lolita davvero poco e mi manca un po' farlo...

Spero di riuscire ad aggiornare prima di due mesi la prossima volta, cercherò di mettercela tutta~

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martedì 18 febbraio 2014

Gyaru Wardrobe

Today I had a little free time and I decided to take some pictures of my gyaru wardrobe, it was actually a long time that I wanted to write this post, but as always, I didn't do it out of laziness (*´Д`)
I started to dress gyaru just over a year ago and the style that I prefer is  rokku / gosshikku, i love Glavil, Ghost of Harlem and Glad News stuff *.*
Here we gooooo~



*Glad News*

*Glavil by TutuHa*

*Glavil by TutuHa*

*Glavil by TutuHa* It's not a real dress but a set (harness skirt+sweater)


skirt+dress *offbrand*

*Glavil by TutuHa*

*Glavil by TutuHa*

*Ghost of Harlem* this skirt has a petticoat, i just love it!!!

*Super Lovers* and *Listen Flavor" skirts are not gyaruish but i usually use them in my outfit~

i bought this corset/skirt in Sakurina website


*Listen Flavor* and offbrand (109 random shop)

*Glad News*


*Glavil by TutuHa* and *Ghost of Harlem*


*Ghost of Harlem* it was a birthday present from Federica <3

*Glavil by TutuHa* This can be used like a dress too, it's very comfy in summertimet!

*Glavil by TutuHa*

top+poncho *Glavil by TutuHa*

top+parka *Glavil by TutuHa*

*Glavil by TutuHa*

*Glad News*

*Glavil by TutuHa*

it's a dress but i use it like a sweather (it's another birthday present from Federica)


*Ghost of Harlem* and *Super Lovers*


*Glad News*

*Glavil by TutuHa*

*Listen Flavor* and offbrand (109 random shop)

*Glavil by TutuHa*

*La Pafait*, *Listen Flavor*, *Super Lovers*, *Graveyard Rose Shattered Memories*, *Kreepsville*, offbrand



*Jeffrey Campbell*, *Creepers*, *Algonquins*, offbrand

ok, that's all! A few days ago i made a new order HERE and i'm waiting for these amazing stuff!!

the sweather and the chocker are from *Glavil*, the stockings are from *Ma*rs* and the blouse is from *MeJane* shop

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lunedì 10 febbraio 2014

International gyaru meetup in Frankfurt

The 1stof February, I attended my first international gyaru meet which was held in Frankfurt so it was also a good opportunity for me to make a new trip!
The appointment was at 15.00 in front of McDonald's inside of the main station, me and the other girls in my group were a bit late but fortunately we had enough time to greet our friends and to take photos.

with my cutipies <3
Italian gyaru~

Once we met up with the other girls, we bought a daily transportation pass  and we reached a mall, but after a while we were literally kicked out by the guards because, apparently, they wanted to be advised about the event....they were very rude!

some stupid pics XD
with Steffy, Ina Doll, Sui and Jojo. They are so beautiful!!!

We split up for a couple of hours and we gave each other a new appointment to go to karaoke altogether.
We walked a lot to get there but it was really worthy .... in Italy we do not have that kind of clubs as there in Frankfurt and I love doing Japanese-style Karaoke!
There were a lot of songs from the Western to the Korean and the Japanese ones ... I really loved that place (I sang Like a Virgin by Madonna, HAHAHAHAH).

stolen pic XD
stolen pic2 XD

Unfortunately, after the karaoke there was no time for the cocktail bar event so I decided to go back to the hotel with my husband, Federica and her boyfriend .... the four of us were too tired to go clubbing even though I was disappointed to not have concluded the latest night with the others.

I enjoyed this event so much, I was also very happy to meet Steffy again and new guys, despite the language barriers (even if I would have liked to talk more). They were all really cute and funny!

Many thanks to Kitai who organized everything and made the meeting-up perfect!

Here is my outfit, i'm a Glavil brand whore ahahahahah!! 

 Thanks for reading~